The services that you might be involved in could be: day care, healthcare, medical counselling and assistance, sporting activities, learning skills, art, music and theatre activities, providing advices on exercising certain rights, helping in performing daily chores and/or other duties, more efficient pre-school and school education, etc.

  What would be the benefit from the Programme:


  • working for up to 6 months;
  • monthly wage of up to MKD 6,200 for 20 working hours with included personal tax;
  • possibility to acquire new skills and working experience;
  • the status of an unemployed remains unchanged;
  • the social welfare beneficiaries will keep their right to social welfare during the time of the working engagement.


For more information about the “Community Works Programme” please go to the Employment Centre and/or the Inter-municipal Social Welfare Centre, your Municipality or to the following web sites: ; ;;

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