Do I have to attend the informative meetings?

No, the attendance is not mandatory. The objective of the meetings is to inform the municipalities about the goals of the programme.

Can a municipality get assistance to design a good quality programme?

Yes. Working meetings with UNDP expert teams can be organized at the request of the local self-government(s).

What type of services and activities does the Community Works Programme support?

It’s all based on the priorities set by the local partners and the needs of the local population. Before a specific programme is developed, consultations should be carried out with all stakeholders at local level.

Who is in charge of developing the draft programme?

The municipal committee, together with the employment centre and the inter-municipal social welfare centre.

What kind of information should be included in the programme proposal?

Information about the profile of unemployed persons in the municipality, types of services needed, expectations and final beneficiaries.

Is it necessary to carry out a more comprehensive analysis of the situation in the field prior to completing the application form?

Yes. It is important to carry out an analysis before developing the proposal in order to ensure that accurate information about the profile of unemployed persons in the municipality, types of services needed, expectations, final beneficiaries as well as people’s interest to participate in the programme. It is also important to involve all interested unemployed people in the discussions from the very beginning in order to develop a factual understanding of their needs.

Should the municipality publish a call for selecting partner institution?

This is not mandatory if the municipality has already managed to build partnerships with organisations and institutions at local level. The level of involvement of partner organisation(s) should be clearly stated in the application form.

Should a Memorandum of Cooperation be signed between partner organisations and institutions at local level?

Yes. The Memorandum of Cooperation should be signed and submitted by the municipality together with the application form.

Who should the final beneficiaries of the programme be and what types of services can they expect to receive?

The final beneficiaries could be preschool children, elderly, people with disabilities, inhabitants living in rural areas, victims of domestic violence, children without parents and parental care, children with educational-social problems, and many other citizens which fall under vulnerable categories.

The types of services they could expect to receive include but are not limited to: day-care, healthcare, medical counselling and assistance, sports and recreational activities, learning and many others which are considered as most necessary to help improve the lives of the citizens living in the municipality.

Who is in charge or selecting the programme proposals that will be implemented?

Once the call for proposals is closed, a working group consisting of members from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the National Employment Agency and UNDP will make a selection, in compliance with the criteria set in the Annex 2 Operational Instructions.

How will we be informed about the outcome of the selection process?

Once the selection process is completed, the working group will send a written notification to all municipalities that have submitted a proposal, informing them of the final outcome.

Which unemployed persons can apply to participate in the Community Works Programme?
All unemployed people who are registered as active job seekers and who also belong to one of the following vulnerable groups:

• people younger than 29 with low qualifications
• victims of domestic violence
• children without parents or parental care
• homeless people
• former drug users
• parents of street children
• single parents
• Roma
• former convicts after being released from prison
• unemployed persons registered at EARM for at least 1 year
• young unemployed persons registered at EARM for at least 6 months
• parents of children with developmental problems
• parents of 3 or more children

Will a call for engaging unemployed people as part of the Community Works Programme be published?
Yes, a public call will be announced by the municipality and the local employment center.The call will be open for 10 working days for all interested persons who wish to apply.
What is the biggest number of unemployed persons that can be engaged by a municipality for the programme?
Should the unemployed persons, who will be engaged in the project, have adequate education?
Yes. The necessary qualifications, knowledge and skills that are required from the unemployed are defined based on the type and description of the specific programmes.
Will the unemployed that will be engaged in the project be provided with some kind of training, counselling or education?
Yes, such possibility exists, if there is a need. However, the need for training, counselling or education should clearly be stated in the application form.
When will the working assignments of the selected persons start?
As soon as the contract between the municipality and the selected persons is signed.
What fee will the people who participate in the programme receive?
The gross amount of the fee is MKD 6,200.00 including the personal income tax and the insurance in case of an accident at work or work related illness.
Who is responsible for paying this fee on a monthly basis?
The municipality.

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